ENTEK will add a new model to its E-MAX™ twin-screw extruder line at NPE 2006 with the launch of the new E40 Extruder. The E40 is a 40mm diameter twin-screw extruder that features a Henschel TGE gearbox. The E40 features a 150hp motor that runs at 1,200rpm. A key feature of the E40 is that it is a self-contained unit, with PLC control systems and vacuum pumps on board, and hook-ups in place for fast setup and operation. Like all ENTEK extruders, the E40’s will be pre-tested at ENTEK before shipment.

Also introduced at NPE will be a new line of Smart Controls from ENTEK. These controls feature a human-machine interface (HMI) package and touchscreen operation, and combine monitoring control and trending functions. These controls will be made available at a lower cost than commercial packages, and its capabilities will be tailored specifically for extrusion operations. The new E40 Extruder will be the first ENTEK machine to incorporate the new Smart Controls, but the controls will be available on all models of ENTEK extruders. Visitors to NPE will see both the new E40 and Smart Controls on display at ENTEK’s booth, no. 1304 in McCormick Place South.

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