New Service – Internal PLC Temperature Control

ENTEK is now offering a new service to replace your existing temperature control with ENTEK’s internal PLC temperature control.  ENTEK has been working with Allen-Bradley for over 3 years to bring the temperature control into the PLC in an effort to minimize the challenges customers faced due to their external temperature controllers repeatedly being made obsolete.  The internal temperature control has been running in the ENTEK pilot plant (Lab) for over 2 years.  This replacement includes the latest Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC and all the I/O modules required to replace the existing Watlow or Partlow controllers.  The control for the Extruder will still be done with the existing Allen-Bradley SLC, PLC and PanelMate HMI.

In addition to the upgrade of the existing temperature control to the internal PLC temperature control, this new service also includes a new roll-a-round cart and HMI. The HMI is the ENTEK-based Smart HMI that runs in a Windows based environment, which allows for more intuitive programming and an easier learning experience.  It has a lot of new features that the existing PanelMate does not, including touch screen control and historical trending.  If you like your existing PanelMate control, don’t worry! You will be happy to know that the PanelMates are now back in production, and ENTEK can now supply brand new PanelMate replacements or spares.

SmartHMI Heat SetupSmartHMI Barrel Temperature Control (1)

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