NPE 2015 – What a Show!

ENTEK Team NPE 2015

The North American plastics industry put on its best show ever at NPE2015, held from March 23-27 in Orlando, FL. The show’s sponsor, the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI), reports that in the 69-year history of the show, NPE2015 set records for number of exhibitors (2,029), amount of space (1,128,200 net square feet), and number of companies in attendance (23,396).  In addition, the total number of show visitors (65,810) was 19% greater than the last NPE, held in 2012.

ENTEK would like to thank everyone who stopped by their booth at NPE. The company enjoyed its best-ever NPE show; ENTEK generated tremendous interest with the introduction of its new QC3 43MM twin-screw extruder, and took in a record number of leads.  John Effmann, ENTEK Director of Sales and Marketing, reports that post-NPE activity is still strong more than six months after the show.


“We are pursuing no fewer than 5 business opportunities right now that are all huge potential, that are a direct result of NPE2015,” he said. “All of these were opportunities we did not know about until the show.”

The next NPE will be held in Orlando from May 7-11, 2018.

ENTEK’s Tammy Straw Named to NPE2018 Marketing Committee

ENTEK is pleased to announce that ENTEK Business Development Coordinator, Tammy Straw has been named to the NPE2018 Marketing Committee. This committee is comprised of a select group of plastics industry marketing professionals who meet on a regular basis to plan and execute promotional activities leading up to the next NPE.

“I’m honored to be a part of this committee,” said Tammy. “I’ve worked for ENTEK at every NPE since 2003 and have always enjoyed it.  I look forward to working with some of my industry colleagues to make NPE2018 bigger and better than ever.”

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