Personnel News

ENTEK is pleased to announce the promotions of John Burke, Tim Glover, and Marvin Kuenzi to Vice President roles at the company.  Also, we are pleased to announce the promotion of Craig Clayton to the position of Regional Sales Manager.

John Burke

VP of Manufacturing

Rarely will you find John at a desk. His training in the principles of servant leadership has inspired him to be a passionate practitioner of, and advocate for, servant leadership in life. Most days you’ll find him out on the shop floor, where he oversees ENTEK’s manufacturing. John started at ENTEK in 1999, and his background in manufacturing and production scheduling gave him all the tools he needs to step into his new position as VP of Manufacturing. When he’s not keeping things running smoothly at work, John also enjoys creating beautiful designs in metal and wood.

Marvin Kuenzi

VP of Engineering

Growing up in an Oregon farming community, Marvin has always relied on his aptitude for hard work, creative problem solving, and mechanical abilities to keep things running.  As an integral part of the equipment manufacturing division since joining ENTEK in 2007 as a Design Engineer, Marvin has exercised these aptitudes daily to help both ENTEK separator factories and our third party equipment customers to design, build, and commission highly technical production facilities. His involvement in multiple projects through the years, including critical work on the capacity expansion for ENTEK’s US separator division in 2014, led to his promotion to Engineering Manager in 2018. In 2022, Marvin was once again promoted to VP of Engineering as he continues to lead both people and projects for ENTEK globally, including our recent Asia expansions and US turnkey factory development for our third party customers.  Marvin attended Oregon Institute of Technology, where he majored in mechanical engineering technology.

Tim Glover

VP Machining

Tim has made machining and manufacturing his career. 18 years of that has been at ENTEK. Tim leads the machining team, which will soon mean he has a lot more ground to cover once move-in is completed at our new manufacturing facility in Henderson, NV. Since beginning his career in 1982, Tim’s primary focus has been on machining and product management. He also believes strongly in the principle that you need to grow people in order to grow a business successfully.

Tim grew up in the area and takes a particular interest in educating young people about the opportunities available in machining, as well as encouraging and mentoring the next generation of machinists.

Craig Clayton

Regional Sales Manager

Craig Clayton has been promoted to the position of Regional Sales Manager.  Craig joined ENTEK in 2021 and has been visiting customers and training for this position since he started.

A native of South Africa, Craig worked there in sales and management positions for a financial services firm and a large vehicle manufacturer before emigrating to the USA in 2016.  He joined Gala/MAAG in a technical service role, responsible for numerous activities including starting up new systems, operator and maintenance training, troubleshooting and preventative maintenance.  He also assisted in establishing the company’s first virtual system start-ups in India and South Korea during the early days of the COVID global pandemic.

Craig said, “I am beyond excited about the future of ENTEK and the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.  I look forward to being a part of the growth of our company, and also contributing to the growth of our customers and partners.” 

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