Replacement Wear Parts Update

A Growing Business – Large Parts for Non-ENTEK Brand Twin-Screw Extruders

In the last issue of Extrusion Solutions (March 2015), we ran a story on how ENTEK has recently expanded its replacement wear parts offerings for twin-screw extruders to include large-size screws and barrels, at sizes up to 250mm.  Since then, this business has continued to grow and the company has provided replacement parts at sizes of 133mm, 160mm, and 250mm to numerous compounders running non-ENTEK brand twin-screw extruders.

All parts are manufactured at ENTEK’s headquarters in Lebanon, Oregon USA. Many parts are in stock, and some are available for next-day shipment.

Tammy Straw, ENTEK’s Business Development Coordinator, said ENTEK has a unique advantage to other twin-screw extruder parts suppliers. “We have substantial internal resources here, including specially-trained engineering and manufacturing personnel, and a large state-of-the-art machine shop,” she said.  “This is to support all ENTEK operations including the manufacturing of twin-screw extruders and wear parts, as well as the company’s world-leading battery separator production operation, all here at our Lebanon, Oregon headquarters.”

Additional Parts-Related Services

ENTEK provides a variety of additional services to help customers with their replacement wear parts needs, including:

– Cost effective parts stocking programs, customized for specific customer requirements

– Barrel and screw measurement

– Screw layout review and optimization

– In-plant process training

– Machine rebuild services

– Control system upgrades

– Remote troubleshooting

– Maintenance check-ups

To obtain a quote for replacement wear parts, or to learn more about ENTEK’s aftermarket services, contact Tammy Straw, ENTEK Business Development Coordinator, at (541) 259-1068 or

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