Screw Change in 5 Minutes? YES!

Watch the Video!

Anyone who doubts ENTEK’s claim that users can change screw sets on the QC3 twin-screw extruders in 5 minutes need to watch this newly released video:



Colt McDaniel, ENTEK’s Pilot Plant Technician, stars in the video and is shown conducting a typical screw set change. What’s not typical is he does it while a timer runs in the lower right corner.

“People sometimes question our 5-minute screw change, so the goal with this video was to show that it can really be done on the QC3,” said Tammy Straw, ENTEK’s Marketing and Business Development Manager. “Colt did a great job and wasn’t intimidated in the least, and now we have the video to prove it!”

The video shows Colt in ENTEK’s Pilot Plant Facility performing the screw set change on a QC3-43mm twin-screw extruder.

“We want to remind customers that \this machine is available to them for running material trials at our facility here in Lebanon, OR,” said Tammy Straw. “Not only can they run trials, but they can also learn first-hand from Colt how easy and fast it is to perform screw changes!”

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