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In 2021, our technical staff produced two webinars through Plastics Technology magazine.  Click below to learn more and watch these presentations!

The Future of Compounding is Now

Presented by Dean Elliott, ENTEK Technical Processing Manager, and Ryley Jones, ENTEK Mechanical Engineering Supervisor

Link to webinar:  www.ptonline.com/events/details/the-future-of-compounding-is-now

How a compounding extruder achieves industry leading output rates for both torque- and volume-limiting compounds.

Compounders in the commodity and masterbatch markets typically run medium-to-large batch production sizes, and high production rates are particularly critical for them, which they typically run on a 24/7/365 basis.  Learn how a newly developed compounder with the highest free volume at 18 Nm/cm3 torque density of any co-rotating twin-screw extruder on the market is suited for these and any other torque- or power-limited applications.  Other design features of this machine include ease of maintenance, machine health status tracking and an operational friendly interface.  This extruder meets the needs of a fast-paced manufacturing environment where management can observe the OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) at a glance.

Biopolymer Compounding Done Right

Presented by Dean Elliott, ENTEK Technical Processing Manager

Link to webinar:  www.bigmarker.com/gardner-business-media-inc-w1/Biopolymer-Compounding-Done-Right?utm_bmcr_source=web

There is a huge push from governments and consumers to use biodegradable polymers; most of their attention is focused on eliminating single-use, petroleum-based polymers. Biopolymers often do not meet required property requirements in their pure form.  Additives, fillers, and sometimes a portion of petroleum-based polymers are compounded into a biopolymer matrix to enhance product properties in order to meet product property requirements and/or reduce cost.  Biopolymer compounds typically include a compounding step more than likely performed on a co-rotating twin-screw extruder (TSE).  This presentation discusses preferential configurations of a co-rotating TSE and provides operator processing tips to achieve the highest possible output rates while achieving mix quality without over-shearing the materials.

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