US Lithium-ion battery separator pioneer ENTEK and Bruckner Group USA strengthen and Expand Their Partnership

Lebanon, OR, USA, February 27, 2023

Lithium-Ion battery separator slitter located at the ENTEK Lebanon, OR facility.

ENTEK and Brückner Group USA sign agreements for 18 battery separator film production lines.

ENTEK, the only US-owned and US-based producer of ‘wet-process’ lithium-ion battery separator materials, continues to invest in the future of the US lithium battery industry. To support the growing US electric vehicle and energy storage demand, ENTEK announces it will decisively expand production capacity in addition to its earlier announced 1.4 billion square meters per year project which was selected for a Department of Energy grant award. Agreements for 18 separator film production lines have been signed with Brückner Group USA. 

Rick Pekala, ENTEK CTO, shared, “we will create American jobs producing lithium battery components, using the most advanced technologies, and meeting the cleanest environmental standards in the world. Brückner’s newest generation biaxial stretching film equipment together with ENTEK’s material science, coating, recycling, and separator production expertise fulfils this mission.”Karl Zimmerman, Brückner Director of Sales & Marketing added, “this extraordinary partnership fills us with great pride. As two pioneers join forces, we know we will build something outstanding together to create innovative, sustainable, and reliable plants for battery separator films in America.”

Karl Zimmerman, Rick Pekala, and Sebastian Lange, Brückner
Vice President Film Division, celebrate the ENTEK Brückner signing.


ENTEK has over 35 years of experience producing battery separators for batteries to support standard vehicles, advanced start-stop vehicles, trucks, emergency vehicles, emergency backup power, utility-scale energy storage, and industrial batteries.  ENTEK enjoys more than two decades of experience as the only US-owned and US based producer of ‘wet-process’ separator for lithium batteries and continues to invest in the future of the domestic lithium battery industry. ENTEK also designs and manufactures extruders and material-handling equipment for the production of battery separators. In the area of plastics and fiber machinery, Brückner Group USA sells, services, and supports the Brückner Group GmbH family of products in the US, Canada, and Mexico, operating as a separate entity. This family includes: Brückner Maschinenbau, Brückner Servtec, Kiefel Technologies, and PackSys Global.

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